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Thread: Google Sandbox

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    There are numerous factors which can determine whethere you should be sandboxed or not.almost all new websites have to go through google sandbox atleast once in their first year.getting out of sandbox can be difficult but not impossible as it requires extra continuous effort and hard work.keep adding valuable content in your website and don't forget to build quality links which is the most important and difficult part.avoid adding bad content and i don't think so there is anything you should worry about

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    Google has filter in place for new websites. During this "sandbox" period they do not use your backlinks which calculate your search engine rankings (backlinks still show, PR shows). Since backlinks are very important in the google algorithim, it makes it extremely hard for a new website to get any google search engine traffic for a competitive keyword when they do not factor in your backlinks. This filter lasts at least 3 months, and some claim up to a year (depends on the keyword). Once google releases your site from the "sandbox", your rankings can see a huge jump overnight. There is nothing you can do to prevent or get out of the sandbox - as it based on the age of your website.
    Google grandfathered older domain names from the sandbox as long as ownership doesn't change. If you buy an older domain name from someone else, it will be treated as a new name (subject to the sandbox). This was done to prevent someone from just buying an old domain name to escape the sandbox.
    This is for domain names only- established/developed websites are exempt from going back to the sandbox i.e. if you buy an established 2 year old site, it isn't going to be sandboxed when the domain changes ownership.

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    It is thought that the reason Google created the Sandbox new site filter, was to stop spam related sites from adding numerous purchased links, and ranking highly for their keywords from the date of launch.As spam sites would use various tactics to rise to the top of the search results, and gain heavy sales prior to being banned for being in violation of Google’s Terms of Service,google opted to create sandbox to save itself. The new sites are put under probation in the form of sandbox.Also, Since Google apparently considers a high number of links pointing to a site from the beginning to be rather suspicious, the links are not considered to be natural. Now the question arises that what types of sites are placed in the sandbox and the answer is While all types of sites can be placed in the Sandbox, the issue appears much more frequently for new websites seeking rankings for highly competitive keyword phrases. All sites are likely given a term in the Sandbox, but those websites seeking rankings in highly competitive searches, are probably in for a much longer duration. The site stay in the sandbox can vary grom one to six months, with three to four
    being the normal time frame. An add on to the information is that Website owners and search engine optimization professionals began to notice the Google Sandbox effect, real or imagined, starting in March, 2004 when Websites launched after that date were noticed to not be ranking well for their
    first few months live on the internet, the appearance of Google sandbox was marked for the first time.

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    It seems to me like "sandboxing" is a way for the big boys to keep the small boys in the sand box. They don't want us up there on the slide with them having fun, so they've attempted to "monopolize" the key markets, and this is their attempt at thwarting the rising competition before it even starts competing... if he looks like he's coming up to quickly(without Adwords)...sandbox him! It's the same thing EBay and PayPal do.. you have to start off slow, under the radar, and play by their rules, otherwise you risk the dreaded 21 day hold, or even worse ...SUSPENSION.

    I think it especially pisses them off when someone rises a couple of levels really fast with minimal work, that is why it is best to keep updating your site to make the traffic look natural... they are at a constant battle with the blackhatters, that take advantage of the system, because sometimes, it is the only way for them to compete for traffic when fighting the big boys for the top rankings, and they don't have the cash
    (or just don't want to) to wage war with Adwords alone... of course people will resort to using any traffic methods they can! That's how business works, and google understands this better than anyone! In order to get the most cash
    out of adwords, Google has to "brown nose" the people that pay the most adwords bucks, and "sandbox" the people that use alternate traffic techniques.

    That's all this is about. It's all about corporate monopolization under the pretexts of "fraud security" . It's no different than the amending of our liberties, under the pretext of "terrorism"... terrorism that strangely hasn't been experienced ONE SINGLE time in 8 years since 9/11.. FACT: more people have been killed by police officers than terrorists, in the U.S. since 9/11... FACT: more than 3 times the amount of American's died in the resulting Iraq (oil) war than in 911. FACT: NOT a SINGLE person has had a stubbed toe in the name of ALLAH in the U.S. since 9/11... where are the boogeymen? But you can bet we will continued to be "restricted" and limited" even further ....for our "protection" .

    Asking what the purpose of sandboxing like asking about the purpose of twitter... a site with millions of users that tell you what they're doing every 15-30 minutes... yet it makes no cash
    ? What could the motive be? Hmmmm. Now they know when you walked your dog and what you ate for lunch.. as if they already didn't know enough about

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the top spots on Google are owned by Google execs under DBA's and LLC's...wouldn't surprise me one bit. But hey at least the lowered the PIN minimum right..... LOL

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    Google sandbox is a way of keeping the little boys in the sandbox while the big boys play on the slide. If you come up to fast without using legitimate traffic techniques then you might get sandboxed. Google's sandbox is fairly new so I don't think enough is known about it to actually get around it's guidelines... but who knows there might be some blackhat methods that could keep you from going in the sandbox and maybe even get you out of it. My advice to you... if you're in the sandbox then you should move on unless you have invested a lot of time and cash
    in you account sites.<<<<<<<<<<<<<< NOTTT...that's what it looks like when someone doesn't know what they're talking about! LOLOL read punching bags post to see what it really is.

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    Here is some really informative info you might need about the google sandbox..

    Google Sandbox: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Sandbox Effect

    The Sandbox which is also known as Sandboxing/sandbox effect/Google penalty, is an event that people have claimed to observe in the ranking of the web pages that is performed by Google. It is really a matter of discussion. It has been said by many observers but not confirmed yet, on the other side several observer said that they have observed the opposite to what is claimed for this event.
    The event that people have claimed to observe is that Google temporarily reduces the page rank of new domains and placing them into "sandbox" (referred to put into it). This was done in an effort to counter the ways that search engine optimizers attempt to manipulate Google's page ranking to bring sites to the top, by creating lots of inbound links to a new web site from other web sites that they own before creating that web site. On the contrary to this, a "reverse sandbox" effect is also claimed to exist, whereby new pages with good content but without inbound links are temporarily increased in rank.

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    This sums it up pretty much - not many people know about this and start complaining without even knowing what's going on with their website.

  9. Is there anything to do when site get sandboxed?


    My best money making site got sandboxed and my ranking dropped to the 100-150 spot after being on the first page for all my money keywords.

    anyone experienced such a Google behavior and can advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by solokkhz View Post

    My best money making site got sandboxed and my ranking dropped to the 100-150 spot after being on the first page for all my money keywords.

    anyone experienced such a Google behavior and can advice?
    You surely can continue linkbuilding, there's not much to do to get yourself out as we don't know how the sandbox functions, infact, the sandbox itself is hypothetical and its presence hasn't been admitted officially by Google.
    Once your out of it, your position on the SERPs will jump straight up in a day or so.

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