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Thread: Google vs yahoo seo question?

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    Google vs yahoo seo question?

    my site just came out of the google probation period aka sandbox-- looks like this happened late june early july and since then my over all traffic went DOWN! i thought when you get out of the google sandbox everything is good
    up untill may my traffic from search engines looked something like this


    now it is this
    google 60%

    AND MY OVERALL TRAFFIC DROPPED LIKE 40% what in the heck is going on?

    i have not updated the site in a while could this be the issue?
    comming soon

  2. The percentages don't help as much as knowing what the numbers are. To determine what is going on, it would take a complete site analysis, but here is what I can tell you to focus on.

    1. Make sure your site has original, quality content. This is what both search engines and people coming to your site are looking for.

    2. Make sure you develop quality inbound links to your site. Start by making sure you have done sufficient directory and search engine submissions.

    The other question would be; has nothing at all changed with the site except for being listed at Google? It doesn't seem logical that your traffic would drop after being indexed in Google, so something else is likely going on.
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