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Thread: Google Warning - crackdown on SEO in three 3 weeks

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    Dan (aka:vilesilencer on most forums) made a similar point. His own sampling was a hand-picked list of directories he feels make the cut for quality... and you can find that list on his forum: Free Directory List - Top 100 Free Web Directories .

    His point was the Schwartz post was apparently based on a WMW thread where a guy announced the ones he'd tested had a large percentage of de-indexed sites. Who knows what list the guy was working from. Dan's handpicked list had a zero percent fatality ratio, and that speaks to the idea that quality directories DO see a different treatment than others.

    Not suggesting the current algorithm is perfect by any means, just saying the idea that free directories are all toast is just hype. It might make good linkbait to announce things like that, but so far it appears to be statistically flawed.
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    This is funny.
    I do not have any directories.
    Sold off what I had last year.

    Now getting emails to remove links on directories.
    One directory the owner never bothered to change a thing. Banners and links are still mine, contact is still me.
    But some of the directories in the emails do not exist anymore!
    And a few directories I never owned.

    Don't know if this is a one off thing or if it will continue.

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    Matt Cutts reported a Pengiun data refresh affecting less than 0.1% of searches. The April 24th Penguin update affected 3.0% of the results. This is an indication that very few sites were able to recover.

    Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches. Context:Another step to reward high-quality sites - Inside Search

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