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Thread: "Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    That's exactly what Google wants you to do, but only with AdWords.

    Unfortunately, advertising, and especially AdWords, is not cost-effective for many online businesses such as affiliate marketing. It is not even cost-effective for an e-commerce site unless you have large enough gross margin dollars to pay for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    It would be better not to have all your eggs in one basket. But, the Bing basket of eggs isn't enough to feed you.
    Not to say your missing the point, however your missing the point

    When I was talking advertising. I meet Advertise

    Things I am working on besides buying ads on other site that get people to my site are like:

    Setting yourself up as an expert in your field and doing radio interviews with DJ's. They always need people to talk to.

    I am also buying display ads in the throwaway papers.

    Planing youtube video marketing and producing videos.

    I have a few sneaky ideas even that I will be doing this year to promote my sites. Sorry but I am giving up on building backlinks and playing the google game, I am going back to my roots and market with some guerilla tactics. I have played this SEO BS game long enough, Now if I loose and my sites get no hits at least it will be on my terms

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    And Sami4u hit the nail on the head.

    What I have always preached.


    To only want backlinks, means you are just looking for high page rank places to get your backlinks.
    Advertising is to get your site out there in front of eyeballs.

    Funny, I offered a darn good deal on text links on my blog.
    No one took me up on it because (most replies were, what only page rank2?).
    Or it was (unless it gets most or all of it's traffic from google, who cares to advertise on it)

    I am telling you, webmasters today worry and obsess only about seo, google, backlinks, page rank.
    Not one of them know or care to know that it is advertising that succeeds!

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