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Thread: Is the Google's Algorithm getting easier to build for?

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    Cool Is the Google Algorithm getting easier to build for?

    Is Google's Algorithm getting easier to build for? Literally after a little SEO work, a site I was working on jumped to the first page and now has slid into first. Anyone else getting these results? Or is it that easy to dominate the local market?

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    Something is getting easier for sure. Same has happened with me but not in very competitive niche though. For local rankings, I've got great results within 1-2 months; better say top 5 rankings. I believe that a sound SEO can get you results pretty quickly.. At the same time, I find little room for blackhat with this easy going Google algo.. Some of my knowns with blackhat choice are having bit hardtime.
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    I'm not entirely sure, but you know, once they figure out things are going to smooth, they will likely just steal it away and change something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    Or is it that easy to dominate the local market?
    I found it remarkable how easy it is for some good keywords to rank in local markets/niches. Often (local) companies seem not to have an aggressive seo campaign.

  5. I think that the secret to easy rankings is good keyword research.

    Pick the right keyword and rankings are easy.

    Of course, an authoritative domain or an exact match keyword domain doesn't hurt either!
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    If you create a good quality website that is google-friendly and SEO has always been easy.

    It is only hard for those individuals who are using all the tricky methods that will not be applicable in 12 months time.

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    If you consider Google algo, then make sure that G is getting strict on daily basis. They are checking every website and those websites which do not have any traffic or are doing any small mislead in optimizing their website are getting banned.

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