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Thread: Google's SearchWiki

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    Google's SearchWiki

    I was just searching for something on Google and found some interesting new icons next to the search results. You can now "promote", "delete", and "comment" on each of the results you get.

    I'm not sure what kind of effect this will have on current result rankings... but I would think that Google will perhaps use the number of promotions and deletions to determine the importance of a webpage.

    Do you guys know anything about this?


  2. Google claims:
    "The changes you make only affect your own searches."

    Source: Official Google Blog: SearchWiki: make search your own
    But, as we have learned, what Google says and what Google does have a variable relationship.
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    I also noticed it. These icons are displayed only when you're logged into your Google account. Not sure what effect can this have on rankings, but it will surely make an impact on rankings *in future*
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    Yeah, I believe it will definitely play a big role in the future.

    I think the end goal is to replace all their quality raters with "public" quality raters. It makes sense; costs less and is arguably more accurate due to the sheer numbers.

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