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Thread: Great Way To Earn Lots Of Traffic

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    Hey, well i wont be making a detailed post but ive found a great way to get hundreds if not thousands of visitors of your forum, site , blog each day in only minutes ! Here is a following list of Sites ive been using to promote my own website and within 30 mins i got 159 viewers online...

    Well here they are,

 <---- Works GREAT !

    These are great sites and they help you gain activity and help you earn money by affiliates. Whats good about that is that since you can earn money bye affiliating them they offer you many banners images you can use to advertisethem such as splash pages , sigantures , large banners , small banners , peel pages and so on. All of them are trusted and give payments on time.. So why not join them today?

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    Question: Do they only visit? Or do they join you as well? Do some of them post?

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    Well its up to the viewers, if they think your site is attractive they may sign up. Well when im browsing sites ive seen a few good sites and joined, im sure hundreds of other viewers may in the future...

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    Well I joined the second one there so I will let you know in about a week if we get any new members from it.

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    well depends if you use it right, if i were you i would read the tutorials and advice they give you there and what to do, and if you have 5$ it would make it alot easier to get credits to get viewers...

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    I use Eruptionads already. Its a great site and i would recommend it

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    Thankyou So much for that Keitho, i am always trying to promote Hogwarts, now I will try this also....

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    Can you promote any sites on those? I mean not just forums but a normal website?

    Also someone told me that if you have Google ads on your forum/site then it will not be accepted, is this true since I am really keen to give these a try!

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    Yes you can advertise anything you want ! it doesint need to be a forum. Also you gain real Cash $ from refferals , and yes you can promote your site using banner advertisments or text advertisements using Credits after you browse sites

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    I like EasyHits4U, haven&#39;t used the other two though.

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