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  1. Growth rate

    Do you think the growth rate of your site, or the lack of thereof makes a significant effect on rankings?

    Suppose you have a site with 2K unique articles and you can either add a few articles per day, or put it all up at once.

    I know it's reasonable to assume that gradual growth would be preferred, but the question is how much difference does this actually make?

    Suppose in both cases you do the same amount of seo work to add links etc.

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    All at once may sound spammy, but who cares?
    I've added 3500+ posts to one of my sites a few weeks ago (had ~750) and the immediate effect was 20%+ more traffic, so...

  3. I don't think it hurts to add new content quickly.

    Google is slow at indexing new content anyway.

    Plus, 2k pages is almost nothing in today's e-commerce environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I don't think it hurts to add new content quickly.
    Hmm, I don't know about that... Appendicitis Symptoms was a lot harder to develop than I Howd?

    Why? Because I never updated it.

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    I build real estate sites and add 7000 pages of listings all at once. It has not hurt me to add 1000's of pages all at once as far as I am aware. The MLS database then adds and removes 20 - 50 pages of listings every day to give me fresh content.

    I don't think you would hurt yourself at all dumping thousands of pages or blog posts all at once. When 10 just ain't enough, Real Estate Web Sites that rock!

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    From experience it doesn't hurt

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