Welcome to Webmaster Peers' Guide to SEO!
I'm working with Farrhad on this and with his permission, I'll try to make this Guide as complete as possible, but it is only going to be available on the forums so stay tune for more quality SEOing tips and ressources!

So what are you going to learn within this guide?
  • How to think like a Search Engine Optimist
  • How Search Engines work and rank websites
  • How to target the best keywords possible
  • How to get backlinks
  • How to make your site better to the eyes of the SEs
  • How to find and dominate your competition
  • and many other things!


  1. Part-1: SEwhat?
  2. Part-2: The Search Engines Showdown
  3. Part-3: Ranking Factors
    #4 is on the way!


PS: Please, feel free to share any suggestions or comments that may cross your mind while you are reading the Guide. Thanks!