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Thread: How to boost 1000s of views to your YouTube videos really fast! 100% success rate

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    How to boost 1000s of views to your YouTube videos really fast! 100% success rate

    I recently coded this site to help IMers exchange youtube video views easily and quickly with an extremely high success rate of 100% counted views! employs the fastest credit earning system mixed with an extremely easy to use interface for adding videos! I hope you find it as useful as I do.

    Plus it's 100% FREE, and always will be!

    Please try it out guys, and tell me what you think...

    Over the coming days I will be putting my resources down to promoting this site so it becomes more and more effective, as the more active users with videos in the view pool, the better the system will be.

    If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know, I am continually working on the site and will be working hard to make it even more effective and secure.

    I invite you to be part of this awesome adventure...

    Spread the word on the site and I'll buy you a beer =)

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    Site is not working for me Nothing I click works

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    One drawback for me and probably quite a few visitors.
    Nothing to see unless one registers.
    I will not register without seeing how this works, present videos, etc.

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    Wow! it is really useful website.

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    UPDATE has undergone a massive face lift to improve the general look and feel of the site. I hope the faithful users of will be impressed by the constant desire to improve and better the service.
    The redesign was brought on by the feedback from several valued users who felt the site's previously "baby pink" look was simply inappropriate.

    New look:

    Please do visit and continue to use the service and let me know your thoughts on the new site design, also please do alert me to any glitches, bugs or quirks with the system and/or design. Thank You.

    Added Features
    Logout button
    YouTube video thumbnails
    Simpler signup and login interface
    Modal popup windows
    Darker slicker custom design

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    Glad people like the service.
    However, I would really appreciate it if you guys could help spread the word on the site - it would help the sites growth and increase the speed of views to your videos and the amount of users on the system which makes it safer and better for everyone.

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    It will be a lot more better if it has white background instead of black. For some reason, black background is rather uncomfortable for me and I kinda feel insecure register to site like this.

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    Nice information you provided. I will try your site and then I can realize that is it good or not. But I hope it will be benefited for me and also for us. Thanks.

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    The landing page is really cool but the website should define how it works like Twiend does. Anyone can see how a twiends work when a visitor land on landing/home page. You should really work hard on this project. Although, I appreciate your concept, it's nice and unique.

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