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Thread: How can i get a lot of US and Canadian traffic to my proxy website

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    How can i get a lot of US and Canadian traffic to my proxy website

    Hey guys

    I am wondering how i can get a good amount of targeted US or Canadian proxy traffic which is targeted and converts, Can you recommend me some places on where i can purchase promotion which converts well with returning visitors from good countries? I have now blocked Iran and Saudi Arabia so my traffic is quite low and I'm looking for any good methods which will bring me more traffic.

    Thank you.

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    Have you tried I don't know what kind of traffic they provide but they are proxy authority... I think they have quite a lot of US visitors.
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    I have tried their service in the past but i am looking for something new, You barely get returning visitors from e-mail blast's.

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    What about Facebook groups? Most of them are teenagers that might need proxies, and I'm sure many members are from USA
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    you can try to get a good rank in google dot com for your selected key words. From there you can have a great traffic. Try to do seo for your site.

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