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Thread: How can I get more traffic ?

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    How can I get more traffic ?

    I'm currently receiving a nice amount of traffic for my movies website from sources incuding social bookmarking, forum posting, search engines and yahoo answers. But obviously, I want more ! Is ther anything I've missed? Any suggestions ?

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    To get more traffic you must promote your site. Now you can ask how can you promote? the answer is simple Do more directory submission, Blog comments posting, submit to digg and stumble upon, post good content.

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    Don't forget twitter....the great thing about twitter is you can have pretty much as many accounts as you want without getting banned...just use roboform to sign up and you can create 50 accounts a day in less then an hour....then use hummingbird and tweetlater to automate the prcess and you could get tons of traffic just from twitter alone.

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    If you want to drive free traffic to you website , then you must go for socialbook marking sites like twitter,stumble upon and digg. Trust me you get a steady flow of traffic and if you work hard , then it will really be high.

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    As the guy above me said! You must try some social bookmarking. I prefer stumble upon and digg. Dont waste your time to other social bookmarking. Update your website with unique content if possible 1 unique content per day! Goodluck!

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    The only way to get adsense safe traffic or real traffic is to promote your website by making a big promoting campaing using a big advertising company. It is true that the prices are a littlr bit high but if you have a good websites the results will be very profitable.

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    Article Marketing can bring your website high volume of traffic. Also, you can promote your site at video sharing sites like Youtube. Making useful commenting at blogs related to your niche can also get you quality traffic. There are many other ways, but this three techniques are most effective and has worked well for me.

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    Add your site links on social directories like google adsense. That will surely promote your site. Also other sites like stumbleupon, twitter, diggs etc are also useful. But these works need to be more patient.

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    Stumbleupon is great for a mad rush of users to your website. I might stumble something on my site, and that day I'll get over 1,000 uniques. Stumble has really helped, and getting people to click from popular sites.
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    The thing about stumble is that the visitors (however LARGE amount may be) are there for seconds, and they usually jump right to the next page unless your site is really interesting.

    So in a way, if you truly believe the information you have on the page is going to be very relevant, helpful, or unique, then it's a good idea. But if you think it's a repetition of something on the internet, then it wont help.
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