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Thread: How can I get sales? How to market them properly?

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    How can I get sales? How to market them properly?

    So, here is the thing, I have an affilate product that i want to promote, I try digg, stumbleupon, Youtube marketing strategy etc. But dont have a sale till now. What is the problem in what i am doing?

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    When you are promoting affiliate products you must never reflect in your sales letter that it is not your own product. Sell affiliate products like you own it. Optimise your site for search engine and try to get high quality backlinks from do follow websites which will help to increase PR of your website. With high PR, you will be ranked well in search engines and you will get more organic traffic (which is best of all traffic).

    For my first website I made first sale after nearly 6 months, so you need lots of patience. Good luck.

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    Never give up mate. Proceed with try and error and you'll find your mistake. Then improve it. For example, you could promoting affiliate products by review that product. Use the different title, call to action words and etc.

    Importantly, don't stop promoting easily. But if you get huge clicks (1000++) but it didn't convert, better you choose another product. Don't waste your time and money.

  4. yea you shouldnt expect much in getting sales in a quick time..remember the initial step.. "promote first"...

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