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Thread: How can I successfully market my network marketing home business?

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    How can I successfully market my network marketing home business?

    I am a single mother of 1 and tired of working in corporate america. I want to learn how to market my Tahitian Noni network marketing business without targeting my friends and family. I want to come up with a great marketing idea that will not only help my business but others as well. Any suggestions?

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    Study simple internet marketing skills and use those techniques to generate your own leads for your business.
    Hassling friends and family is not an effective way to build your business. These old tactics are responsible for the majority of failure in the industry.
    Participating in forums that relate to your business helps to generate business leads. You can meet new people by providing information of value without spamming and put info about yourself in your profile page.
    Submitting articles that are not salesy on the net are also great. The better the value of content, the more people will seek more info from you.
    I built a website that is independent from the company I represent. This is also a great way to meet new people if you build the site right. One that is easily found on the major search engines.

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    You could get start with blogging. Sharing with others about your network. Explain about your network through blog. Then, start promoting your blog by commenting on other blogs and join forum which related to your niche.

    Also you could submit your blog content to social bookmarking site such stumbleupon, propeller, digg, delicious and reddit.

    You also could expose your network via video marketing. Record an interesting video and upload it to video sharing sites.

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