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Thread: How do i start SEO for my new blog web site...???

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    Question How do i start SEO for my new blog web site...???

    Hello friends,

    I have a new blog website and i want to optimize it for major search engines like Google and Yahoo... so where do i start????

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    Well it would not actually be possible for me to explain it from A-Z here itself now. The first step would surely be to submit your site to the major search engines.
    Make sure your site is complete and have unique content to get a better head start.
    Once done with this, try googling SEO and you'll get thousands of websites offering free advice and tips.
    Learn the game and be a player.
    Good Luck. Be sure to ask us regarding any doubt you may have

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    most of the SEO guyz ask for blog entries of their site links
    i know it because i have done it..
    then they use the links and submit them to some directories i hope
    so hope this helps

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    good topic,but i don t know what i can do,to improve site shearc engine

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    i just start blogging n doing:
    ping my update
    comment in another blog 2 hav backlink
    maybe buy a link 2 my blog

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