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Thread: How do you tell Google to index your images?

  1. How do you tell Google to index your images?

    i've tried to search my images in google and foundout that only one of the image is indexed in google. and i have about more than 50 images.

    so how do you tell google to index your images?

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    Another trick is to take an image snapshot of a YouTube video and call it keyword-video.png since some people search on Google Images for videos. Then on your site, link to the video in a new window so your site stays in the browser.

    Also, the alt tag is vitally important.

    For a good example search on (in G image search): susan boyle video

    The top results are for a site that gets most traffic from this search method and made $400 in the first month as I recall.

    I'm not sure if making the image larger in this case would work since videos have standard sizes.

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