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Thread: How To Do With Youtube ?

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    How to you promote your site on it ? You upload some vids over time or also make alot of comments on other vids ?

    I make some comments but also tell alot of people online in the game I make the vids of they should check out (vid name) most of the time they check it out. And now one of my vids as already 240 views. And subscribers are also coming in faster then before I started making vids. Its all about promotion the vid you just made on youtube and on other places. Once you builded up some subscribers you won't need to promote it anymore.

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    The way that I see most people do it, is by simply making a vid that says visit this site for more information, and then links you to your site.

    Now on the other side your site is linking to your youtube which is linking back to yourself through videos. So now take that group of subscribers you have and make sure to have your website shown so they visit your website.

    It's basically linking to yourself and back again lol.

    That's the way I plan on doing mine, but I hardly post comments on any videos unless their of my friends or subscriptions.

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    I made a video giving a sneak peek into both of my forums. The link was at the very end of the video.

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    Good idea, stuff like that does give the people the hmm feeling lol. If ya keep doing that they will no doubt wish to join up and see what's up.

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    I have tried this in the past but the quality wasn't at all great on the video although it got two thousand views before I deleted it when the site got shut down. I got some members to subscribe to the YouTube channel and they watched and they advertised but on the comments a lot of other sites advertised their sites.

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    The thing with youtube, you have to create engaging content. You need to create something that will grab the viewers attention, and not let go.

    I have been doing video blogging on youtube for over 3 years. I started in April 2007, and in the past 3+ year, almost 400 videos have been posted to my account.

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