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Thread: How to focus on Yahoo SEO

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    focus more on Yahoo metadata to do this thing strong and even more important to compare the off page optimization of website ... do not follow this link, and Yahoo is still considering it does not follow the links and is easy to obtain

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    Quote Originally Posted by jatin22 View Post
    why u need to focus on u know google is best and most used searched engine...and once ur site is indexed on google with good ranking u will get a lot of traffic.So focus only on SEO

    focus or not is another issue, main point is understand how it work ..... without understand, how you focus on SEO ? seo doesn't means for google only ..
    no one will blame or complaint traffic from other source ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriswatson View Post
    I think you should be concentrate on google instead of you for getting better results from your site
    Read the post above you man!

    On topic: I'm not sure, but IMO I think Yahoo still gives a lot of weight to the amount of links going from one page to the other like they used to do so many years ago. I've been looking for some phrases and actually it looks like they do the opposite from Google when it comes to using the phrase in the title etc.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Why only yahoo?

    If you want to do good in SEO, you should also work on bing. Yahoo and bing has some common way of ranking. I think you allready worked for google.

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    admin can u put a hate button here ???

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