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Thread: How to generate more revenue in Adsense?

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  1. Smile How to generate more revenue in Adsense?

    I wonder why some of the bloggers earn big and some are small. It is because of the niche they have chosen that could be based on the advertiser's budget?

    I also wonder that some bloggers earn more than $10 per click in their Adsense ads, but how did they do that? Anyone could share to me some of your indeas regarding about this? Thanks!

  2. If I'm not mistaken, more traffic comes more money. Traffic is the basic source of income of people or webmasters from their forums, websites and blogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techofreak View Post
    If I'm not mistaken, more traffic comes more money. Traffic is the basic source of income of people or webmasters from their forums, websites and blogs.
    Well you are absoulutely correct.
    Traffic is the utmost requirement to get quality income. and traffic will only come if you have good and quality niche.

    Geotargeted traffic is also required. I have seen few blogs and sites that generate 1000's of traffic just from their region and country and get nothing.
    so it has to be that traffic should not be restricted to a specific region, world wide traffic would be best but too difficult to get...

  4. Well... I think you should need a niche that is very popular these days like health and technology. From the looks of it(looking at the link on bogartkick's sig), he still doesn't have a good domain name.

    I would suggest that you can also get a good domain name that is perfect for the nich of your site. This will also bring you more traffic.

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    With my experience,i can say that first traffic is more important to the site to generate good income so when we keep working hard to drive traffic to our site then we can earn a lot of money!

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    as important as traffic is to make more money, making sustained money and having visitors come back is as important as anything else. Always remember, CONTENT is KING -- anything else is just temporary.

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    Content and traffic is a king. More good content will bring good traffic and you will get perhaps good CTR too. Good CTR means good money.

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    Keywords and traffic determine your per click earnings, if you have HUGE traffic and an amazingly popular keyword; then you're likely to earn much more than the opposite, but lots of traffic and crap keywords won't get you a huge amount; you need a good balance of the two.
    My Name Is George.

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    well the price per click depends on the niche .. the amount of money advertiser are paying . My friend made a NSeries blog and he got 11$ in some 7 or 8 click which was superb.

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    The good thing with Adsense is that it is not solely based on your traffic.
    You can have little traffic but if you have good paying keywords and highly responsive audience, then you can still earn good money.

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