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Thread: How to get do follow links from Wikipedia articles...

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    How to get do follow links from Wikipedia articles...

    Yes. The title of the article is misleading. No. This method of promotion is not blackhat, but it could potentially be useful.

    This is an article that outlines four simple steps to link building by leveraging Wikipedia. From there, you may or may not acquire do follow links. Please note that Wikipedia links are no follow, this does not mean they are low quality links. The exposure this method provides may in fact lead to additional links. These additional links could potentially be do follow.

    How does Wikipedia get you links?

    The author surmises that although people often go to Wikipedia for information, they tend to "link beyond the Wikipedia article" when researching a topic. He recommends the following procedures to help you leverage that potential behavior:

    1. Define a short but broad query set.
    2. Identify the heavily trafficked pages where Wikipedia ranks.
    3. Create a resource on the topic.
    4. Insert your link on the target page.

    The author warns that there are no guarantees the Wikipedia editors won't kill your content or links.

    If you're interested in more detailed information on how to leverage Wikipedia, here is the article:

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    following the links from Wikipedia articles

    The above outlines a way you can leverage Wikipedia to gain some really high quality back links. Ultimately the aim of "link building" and "link baiting" should be to get citations from high quality sites; writing things like Wikipedia or Twitter off as tools that can help you build links simply because they started slapping the no follow tag on external links is like saying you shouldn't use Email to contact possible link prospects because all of the stuff you're writing back and forth doesn't get indexed by Google.

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