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Thread: How to get repeat traffic

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    How to get repeat traffic

    1. Make sure you update all of the pages on your site frequently. Unchanged sites can be dropped by some sites and nobody wants to go onto a site and see something last updated in 2005 do they? It could be a good idea also to put a last updated counter so it shows to people you update it a lot so they will check back.

    2. Allow customers and visitors to your site to be able to sign up for discounts and special offers. Put a form on your site to allow them to be able to sign up for a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly newsletter which they may be interested in.

    3. Add a link to allow people to add your site to their favorites or send this to a friend, it will remind people about your site when they take a look in their bookmarks and think “Oh look, I wonder if this site has any updates”

    4. Make your site stand out. Use a great brand with a great logo design so it sticks in peoples heads. Some of the best companies in the world have the simplest logos but everybody can remember them.

    5. Make sure that your site is easy to find if people forget the address. I have wanted to visit a website but could never find it. The best thing to do is put links so users can add your site to social bookmarking sites, so even if their computer dies they will be able to find their way back.

    6. Never spam anybody who has signed up for a newsletter. If people no longer wish to receive these then make sure you do take them off the mailing list. This makes you look respectful and that you are not a cowboy who will just spam peoples’ in boxes to try and sell their product or get the odd page view.

    7. Make a “Whats New?” section. People will instantly go to this to take a look at what has recently been updating and following on from earlier they will like a site that is always updated and will probably come back to take a look at what is new and what has been updated.

    8. RSS Feeds. Make sure you have one of these bad boys as they are amazing for repeat traffic. They will let people know what has been updated and when and if people have subscribed to them they are 99% likely to come back to your site when they see an update pop up on their RSS Reader.
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