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Thread: How important are meta tags?

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    Cool How important are meta tags?


    I have a question. How important are meta tags for SEO?

    <meta name="description" content="Your description here!" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="your, keywords, here" />

    I've read conflicting reports. Some people swear by them and others say not to bother as it doesn't really help. I'd just like some input from the members here. Perhaps you've had a site that didn't use them and ranked at a certain level but then had a ranking that improved after adding them (or not).

    Does anyone have any experience with this?


  2. Meta Tags cannot drastically improve your SERPS.

    But yes they make a difference.

    For example, without meta tags WMP would show in google with this description:

    Welcome to Webmaster Peers, an up and coming community where......
    But with meta tags:

    Webmaster Peers is a friendly and experienced community for all website owners!
    I can make the description as I want with meta tags.

    And I believe meta tags make a difference as I had
    Most of the articles were from Wikipedia :P (i was just 12 then). I used the meta tags to change things, and I ranked above Wikipedia for some yes they make a difference.
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    Meta tags are like the best way to tell google and other search engines what your website or page is all about. They can boost your SERPS and they are definitely essential

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    Meta tags have different value to different search engines. For some Search Engines, meta tags are essential, but for other, they are just informative, just for the searcher, and do not play an important role in SERP.

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