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Thread: How to increase traffic?

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    How to increase traffic?

    Hello Guys, I have an entertainment website also and there were some entertainment stuff like mobile stuff, online games, Software's, SMS Messages, Wallpapers, showbiz etc...

    I have updating this website regularly but I don't know how can I get more traffic and earning in my website

    please advice me what can I do and also tell me about this website ?

  2. You can do a link exchange. My blog is also an entertainment niche. I have asked a website whom I frequently visits to have a link exchange with me and he agrees. Most visits I received comes from the said site.

    By the way, can we see your site?

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    You can also put your link in signatures, just join forums which has an entertainment niche too and has a lot of members. But you should also do a lot of posting to have a lot of traffic.

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    you can join many traffic builder programs to increase your traffic and some times having some cash. have a look on these sites: (so-called Tera)

    there are many more traffice making sites. you can do a search and find them. but i have using these sites and increased my traffic site and blog more than 600% just in 2 month

  5. Do the sites that you have posted are Adsense safe?
    I don't want to get banned by using such sites....

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    There are alot of sites which provided quality traffic to your site some are paid and some are free but free means you have to earn traffic to your site by visitng other peoples site so google about it and you will get huge number of sites.

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    U can come site google and search for some SEO!! It's useful

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    get someone to do blog entries for your website
    also maintain a blog for your website
    this way you can create more backlinks

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    There are a myriad of different ways that you can learn how to increase traffic to blog. Some of them are really straight forward and easy to implement, and others will take time and effort on your behalf. By implementing a number of different techniques for attracting traffic to your blog, you can benefit significantly by garnering traffic from different places online. Here are a few must have ways to increase traffic to blog today. 1 – Submit Your Blog and your RSS Feed

    If you are publishing a blog, then you should absolutely submit your blog as well as your blog’s RSS feed to relevant directories including for example, Yahoo and Dmoz, though there are a variety of other similar websites as well as you will see below. There are a myriad of different search engines and blog directories on the internet that you should be submitting to for this purpose.
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    Thanks for all your informations. I will add that you can do also video promotions.

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