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Thread: How long does it take Google to index your first website?

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    How long does it take Google to index your first website?

    I am currently in the process of making my website, so I haven't submitted my site map to Google yet. When I do submit my site map, do I need to submit both rss and atom site maps? Also, how long will it take Google to index my first website? Do I need to keep submitting new pages when I add content to my site? Thank you.

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    once you submit your site..... their spiders... will randomly and regularly go out.... and remap your site.
    so when you add new things.... they will be included in later google searches.

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    You need to submit only either of rss or atom . Both are not needed. And, regarding frequency, you need not submit your sitemap again and again as your rss will update itself. Google indexing your site varies very much. You may get indexed in as fast as 10minutes to as long as 1 month

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