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Thread: How Long for Google to Index?

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    I have bought domains before and been indexed in the same day. Perhaps because they were expired domains that already had a ranking previously. I just started my tech fcrums and it still isn't getting listed. I have submitted to google and a few other main se's, posted some backlinks from my other sites and have done some forum posting. You would think that it would hit one of these days.

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    Just be patient, really. They'll eventually crawl you. I get a lot of Google and Yahoo! attention but I'd love some Alexa and too .

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    We have got google and yahoo every hour on our site its crazy they are always around

    plus we get msn, askjeeves, alexa, twicler, Sogou, Interseer and baidu a few times a week and a few others I cant think of now

    one of the best ways to keep the google bots coming is a lot of new topics so a good active forum with new topics keeps them coming in.

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    Thanks guys. Looks like it hit google over the weekend and I have seen one search result and the domain is there now when you search for it. I was beat once before when I bought a used banned domain name so I was starting to get worried.

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    How Long for Google to Index? Maybe 5 hours, 18 at the most.

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    It depends. Most of my site or blog being indexed within one hour. As i know some of the forum/site get indexed within 5 minutes. To get indexed fast, submit your site map and build more quality link

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    Usually Google crawling in 2 days. And indexing in 12 t 15 days.

    So if you want to check your site is indexed or not then you have to wait for atleast 15 days.

    It is very hard to wait...But SEO is slow process. So you will get the result after some time.

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