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Thread: How many times a day you check your adsense account?

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    How many times a day do you log in to your Adsense account to check how much money you earned?

    I probably do it 3 times a day, *lol*.

    And you?

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    lol thrice a day lol. If I've adsense account then I'll login permanently lol

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    I don't login probably because...... uh..oh.. I don't have an adsense account! :P lol sorry for being offtopic! lol. I'm just going funny today.

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    considering that i dont own a site atm, gna start a hosting one, but id stay logged in

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    Webhost Hell!

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    0 times .... i have an account but my site is too small for it atm

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    at lest twise per day

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    5 times a day

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    When my website was up I used to check the end of everyday, just to see how much it was earning, if it was decreasing, increasing, etc.

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    dont have one yet gonna get one soon

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