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Thread: How much success you have got with Social Sites?

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    Post How much success you have got with Social Sites?

    I have tried stumbleupon and a little bit of digg to promote my sites but didn't worked according to my expectations. I got enough traffic but that was not targetted enough to make any sale. Have you tried any social bookmarking sites for promotion successfully. If yes then please share your experiences.

    Regards ,Anudeep

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    I have also used Stumbleupon to promote my website links but never had any major success becasue of this social networking site.
    I don't know why some sites offer these facilities if they do not meet the requirement to promote for links.

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    I too use stumbleupon, digg and sometimes slashdot for submission of my articles.
    But you should know that these sites can only generate targeted traffic and if you have got good amount of members in your stumbleupon network then you will get benefited.

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    Same here dude,not getting that much traffic,as saggygenius said if we got good amount of members,but i got 500+ twitter followers,but i think it may be not enough
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    Ever since digg removed shouts, digg has been losing value fast. It's become worthless because only select few can get on front page (usually really good stuff).

    But think about a room full of 10 people, and you keep showing them something on the computer, eventually they're going to get bored and only help you promote the really awesome stuff.
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    I was try Reddit, Digg and Stumble but without any big success.

    Now I'm stop to use all this services.
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  7. From the amount of traffic I get from social bookmarking sites, its not worth my time. Traffic from Stumble has an average bounce rate of 90%. Average time on site is just a few seconds. With that kind of return for my effort, its not worth it.

    If I am going to put some time and effort into a project, I want some return from it. And I can not justify wasting a lot of time on social sites.

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    now getting good traffic ,no of bookmarking sites has been increased ,even i have made one..

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    It would really depend on how you use social sites. For me, I use them for better SERPs and not for traffic. Maybe you'll ask, How?

    It will all depend on your targeted keyword. WHen you submit to authority bookmarking sites with a very nice keyword, your submitted link (to digg) will be immediately indexed by search engines.

    Here's an example: You have created a post today, then later on you have bookmarked it to "digg". Tomorrow, expect that the one you have submitted to "digg" will be indexed already that your actual new post in your site/blog. And depending on what keyword your targeting, thelink that you have submitted to "digg" will have a better ranking than your actual post and have a better chance to take down other sites as well because "digg" is an authority site thus, has high TRUST RANK to google.

    NOw, when someone searches for that particular keyword and for an instance your "digg" submission is on top of page 1, it will redirect the traffic to your post! That is how social bookmarking sites drive traffic to sites. I don't really expect to get direct traffic from them at all.

    Other uses of bookmarking sites are for backlink building.

  10. You are right that social bookmarking web resources increases the traffic for your website but it hardly give any business lead through it.

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