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Thread: How much time do you spend on SEO-ing your sites?

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    I have no routin schedule to SEO-ing my blog/site, beside i'm so busy, i'm also not too expert with SEO.
    I'm already do some SEO for my blog such meta tag, subscribe it to search engine, and searching for backlink as much as i can.

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    I never spend much time on it.. I believe with quality posts, the pagerank and visitor count will go up by itself

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    Personally I think that Optimization of the web site is very important if you want to generate as much as possible traffic to your web site. I spend about 2 hours a day in order somehow optimize my web sites.

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    Um, for my sites no time - for my clients, the whole day.

  5. I spend a good amount of time seo-ing my website just because I would like to know what visitors see when they search for my website
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    Overall on a site I spend around 1 hour for on page SEO and about 20 min daily for off page SEO.

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    I spend almost 1 hour per day doing pure SEO, like commenting on blogs and forums.

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    I actually did no real off site seo. Jus the basic WP plugins and Social bookmarking ocassionally. Some people linked due to good content naturally.

    Looking to now scale up with specific keyword based SEO. So here I am learning and trying to share what I know @ WMP

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    Less than 1 min. a day, just because I don't understand SEO. Everytime I'm doing things like the books say I should, the results become worse and worse.

    So since a few months I just decided to not care about it and just do my thing

  10. My PR is suddenly changed from PR2 to PR0, anyone else has troubles with their pr?

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