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Thread: How to Profit from Content Scrapers?

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    How to Profit from Content Scrapers?

    Well, this one is rather simple, yet pretty useful. (specially if you use wordpress)

    Content scrappers are a hell of a Sc*m, or maybe not... I have thousands of visitors per month coming from content scrapper sites.

    What do I do?

    Well, that's pretty simple, I ALWAYS link each and every post/article of mine to my own site or to some of my other sites (related stuff, of course), which means a bunch of free links after some time, as most of these scrappers just get the entire post with everything that's in it.

  2. I am lousy at remembering to link to myself, but I am thinking that perhaps there is an easer way...

    Many content scrapers now use RSS.

    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin automatically adds a list of related posts to your WordPress posts.

    And now it can also add them to your RSS feed:
    Related posts in RSS feeds: New in 2.1! Display related posts in your RSS and Atom feeds with custom display options.
    This could work.

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    Yeah, I use that technique also, the problem is with the scrappers that take only your first paragraph and "nofollow" the link to the original post, this means the "related posts" section (at the end of the post) is also void.

    Cool plugin btw. I still use an old one that's no longer available... maybe I need to upgrade.

  4. I had done some testing with RSSGM in 2006 and it certainly never worked for me.

    I think as the time is passing by, its getting way too difficult to build scrapper sites and make them rank. Though I may be wrong, afterall I haven't visited syndic8 for 2+ years now

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    There are 2 main problems with content srappers:
    1. The smart ones are using an automated link removal or no-follow scripts.
    2. The "not so smart ones" do not know how to build websites, from which you would want a link.
    By the way, Shenron, does the traffic you got from those scrapper websites convert in any way, be it an affiliate sale, ads click or RSS subscription? I mean, is it worth the bandwidth?

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