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Thread: How to promote my business?

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    How to promote my business?

    I have a website that sells fashio beauty women wigs,and i want to know what can i do spread my site to make more people know the site.can any one help me? If offer this services,please contact with me,my email

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    Use social networks

    I would suggest to use social etworks like Twitter and Facebook to spread the news for your site. Other way to spread the news would be to start blogging about your business (fashion wigs) and maybe ask someone who uses your product/service to write a nice testimony.

    That's for now

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    Look for keywords.

    Check out your local competition and look to use local phrases like "Chicago wigs" or "buy wigs in paris" or where ever you hail from.

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    Thanks everybody,I have used the methods you refered,but the effort is not good.maybe there is something wrong when i do these,but i still want to know if there is anything else i can do to make more people know my website which sells fashion wigs.

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    Hi there is nothing to be disappointed. As these guys have told already it is a very good idea to promote your services with social networks like

    • Facebook
    • Myspace
    • Twitter and similar networks

    Do directory submissions and Socilal bookmarking

    with in a short time you can not do anything. You can also give advertisements to your local ad providing services. Most of the services are free too.

    Do as many as possible link exchanges and url submissions

    Keep on working it..Though it will take lots of time, definitely it will work.
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  6. Jenny:

    You might also post your site in the Site Reviews forum, so that people can review your on-site SEO efforts.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    1) Advertising - Adwords, Bing Advertising Campaign. Target long tail keywords to get the max ROI.
    2) Article Marketing - Go to the marketpllace and hire a writer to provide articles on subjects like: How to Style a Wig, How to choose a wig,etc. Submit the articles to article directories, hubpages.
    3) Create a blog. Publish articles and write about new products etc.
    4) Build links to your site using social bookmarks, directory submissions and blog commenting. You also can find many service providers in the marketplace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny View Post
    I have a website that sells fashio beauty women wigs,and i want to know what can i do spread my site to make more people know the site.can any one help me?
    Perhaps get your friends and family to talk about it when they're out and talking about cosmetics and such? Word-of-Mouth marketing is the best marketing.

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    Buy some banner ads in women related sites or blogs will help to bring visitors to your site.

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