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Thread: How To Promote a Tech Blog

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    How To Promote a Tech Blog

    I recently started
    and am looking for ways to promote my blog . can u list few good tech forums or other ways to promote


  2. It seems to me that Digg and Slashdot do well for tech blogs.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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  3. blog directories still works.

  4. Create a youtube channel and start posting tech related videos. Do reviews of items, describe how to do networking, get a screen capture program and do demonstrations on how to certain things.

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  7. Guys and gals, do yall realize that is the 21st century? If you are serious about staying on the cutting edge of site promotion, you need to be posting videos, publishing podcast,,,, and staying current with the times.

    You can submit to all of those sites that nobody has ever heard of, or you can harness the power of sites like youtube.

    This is one of my original videos, and its receiving 2,000 views in 2 days.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Wildlife Quiz - what did this to the tree[/ame]

    Real promotion power comes from producing your own content, and then putting in front of your targeted audience. You need to go to them, do not wait on them to come to you.

    Is your targeted audience hanging out on places like rss feed directories and article submission sites? Or are they on youtube, myspace, facebook,,,, and other popular sites?

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    I promote my tech blog in both general blog directories and tech blog directories. Don't be afraid to use recip. blog directories that are actually popular such as, and I like, too. Additionally, I use a sitemap plug-in so that every time I create a new entry, it is automatically added to the sitemap and submitted to Google and Yahoo!. I also use the sitemap: tag in robots.txt just in case any other search engines who wander by happen to look for that. It doesn't hurt to e-mail webmasters of other tech sites and ask for a link exchange. The worst things that can happen are they say no or ignore you.

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    You also can join Tech forums and promote your link in the signature.

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    I think that it doesn't matter is it technology blog or something other promotion is the same. You can read how Hellas did it on Sulumits Retsambew

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