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Thread: How should i promote this site

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    How should i promote this site

    I recently started YouCanHide , its kind of serious blog where i would taking up various USER security issues ,not any script kind of stuff . It has only 2 posts as of know

    I have no idea how should i go about promoting this kind of blog?

    Please Suggest some ways

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    directory submissions, link building and maybe some ads on security-related sites?

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    Thanks for your reply i hoped for more answers :P

    I will do link building

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    buy links from proxy webmasters

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    To promote the site articles and blog comments. The articles should be on the better article directories that enzine. Blog comments should be high quality and on relevant blogs. These methods should provide referral traffic.

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    Twitter. As long as you have a strong base of followers interested in your niche.

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    Forum and blog posting, linking your site to blogs and forums that are related to your niche can be very useful, well this method is time consuming but it will surely help a lot in improving your sites ranking on search engines, the vistors to the site where you had posted your link can be a source of traffic that’s why it is much better if you make your comment more interesting so that you can attract people to click your link

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    try submitting to RSS feeds. blog directories, SB sites, create articles for ezine and other article directories as well and also make use of social media sites.

  9. It looks like the domain is now a proxy list, not a blog.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    Thanks for your proxy site.

    I think you might want to find some IT communities on your niche and put your links in signature with your keywords.

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