Almost everyone is faced with the question, "How do I build links if I have no money?" I've been developing, owning, and managing my websites for 7+ years. Even though my ways of building links has involved, it still mainly focuses on building links the free way.

When I first started out, I didn't have or wanted to spend the money on linkbuilding so I did everything I could to build links for free. Here are a couple things I would recommend to anyone just starting out that has no money but has the time for link development. This process starts after you are done with your website development process.

1. Write an article (500-600 words) related to your website topic. Get a free article rewriting program. I would recommend (I'm not affiliated with them I just think it is a good program) the free version has a limited amount of Synonyms but still a good program if you don't or can't afford to pay.

2. After rewriting the article, I normally do 8 to 10 rewrites, find 5 article directories; 3-5 mini blogs (wordpress,, blogger...). register and submit your articles to these 8-10 places with links in them to your website.

3. This step, I would have to say I skipped for the longest time. You want to get those articles/mini blogs indexed and giving you link joice to your main website. Use social networks, I would recommend, it takes some time to setup but a good way to get some links. Another way to get a couple of links to your articles/mini blogs is commenting on other blogs. Don't waste to much time doing this. You main goal is just to get one or two links to get search engines aware of your backlinks.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 4. Just write another article, rewrite it, and find more article directories and mini blogs to submit to.

There is so much more you can do for the building links process but I hope this gets you started.