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Thread: How you got Traffic?

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    Ok here everyone can tell there ways from which they got traffic to there sites,

    If possible add some useful links too.

    I got most of traffic to my site by submitting my site links to various Directories, topsites and banner exchange programs.

    Pixels Advertising (Great Free Pixels space)
    999 PixelzZ | PixelzZ advertisement | A New Way To Advertise

    Some topsites:
    Online Top 100 - Main
    GAME SITES 200 - Top Gaming Game Sites
    The Best Arcade Sites on the Net! - Rankings - All Sites

    Some Directories
    Yahoo! Directory
    Google Directory

    Banner Exchange for Gaming & Arcade sites: | Your Source For Arcade Banner Exchanging - Entertainment Advertising Network

    I get 600 hits a day

    So what ways you used/use or recommend to get Traffic?
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    If you have AdSense ads in your site banner exchange programs are a big NO NO.

    My ways of getting traffic is

    01. Search engines
    02. Forum signatures
    03. Forum posts ( Good qulity posts not spamming )
    04. Link backs from other sites
    05. From social bookmarking sites

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    yeah the pixelz one is very good but only good if you have good trafic

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