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Thread: I dont get ranked in Yahoo!

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    I dont get ranked in Yahoo!

    Hi, I have a problem in doing SEO in Yahoo. But in google all was okay for me. Everything goes well. But Yahoo, I cant get it to top!

    What is the method to be ranked? Ive done link building but no lucky!

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    Yeh, I have the same problem.

    I guess, yahoo need a long time to get ranked..

    But now after 6 months i am getting 100 Visits/day from yahoo..

    So surely yahoo ranking needs time

    Regards, Anudeep

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    Have you submitted your site to yahoo directory? try submit it. And also submit your site to as more directories as possible. Study sites which have good rank in yahoo on your keywords/topic.SEO in Yahoo is somewhat different from SEO in google.

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    try to submit more directories

    submit for free directory submission

    pion-o-matic and then u will be listed in yahoo and google

  5. Log into your yahoo account and sign up for a "Site Explorer" account. From there you will be able to submit an RSS feed and a Sitemap directly to yahoo. This will help yahoo get more of your pages indexed.

    Create yourself a "Yahoo Blog Log" account and get your sites setup in there.

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