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Thread: I got PR3 backlink offer...but...:(

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    I got PR3 backlink offer...but...:(

    I am looking to build backlinks. I have a health related website.

    Please look at this website[dot]html

    It has PR3 page. Will receiving backlinks from such a page help. It fakes a health niche and talks about everything else.

    Please advice. Price quoted is 7$ per backlink and there are 20 such sites that I can get backlinks from. But I am not sure if backlinks like these will hurt me.
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    Do NOT waste your money on that blog. It's complete garbage.

    First off, look at the huge number of outgoing links. Not only will they completely devalue any link you get, but I'm sure Google will be around soon enough to lay down the banhammer. This blog has zero content and isn't even a health niche site - it's just pretending to be! Oh, and it's not even PR3... the Google Toolbar says PR2.

    The guy trying to sell these links to you is titan89, correct?

    Don't bother. The sites are all worthless.
    And the guy keeps spamming my PM box trying to get me to buy them.

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    Thanks for the precise reply.

    Just one more q.

    Here is another site www[dot]harrisinharrisburg[dot]com

    It posts some info on weight loss and has tons of links on health and weightloss.
    Is this useful?
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    Nope. If you scroll down the page you see a massive number of links going all the way down.

    That alone makes it useless. That many outbound links makes any link you'll buy worthless. It also alerts Google, which can get it deindexed as spam or for selling links. Furthermore, some of those links are to bad neighborhoods. But anyway, at the next PR Update, I guarantee you the PR of that page will be dropped instantly. It's not worth buying a link there.

    Ideally, you want to buy a link on a site with very few outbound links and quality content. A site that is going to be around for a while, and wasn't created just to mass-produce links.

  5. These are kind of link farms. So if you get listed there, you could get a penalization for that...

    Take care!
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    At best you will get a marginal link that won't last long.

    PR really isn't the best way to place value on links.

    Btw, just having the url posted on a webmasters forum would make me not want to buy it.

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    It's just a waste of your money, getting links from those kinds of sites can get you penalize. linking to bad neighborhood and link farms can negatively affect a website so ensure that you are getting quality links if you want to outsource.

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