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Thread: I have 10 PR5 links - What would be my PR in next update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by F-GD View Post
    My webstie was penalized by Google because of paid links. I file a reconsideration request recently and they updated the PR to 2. Now the update is expected, so, there would be some changes in PR of my website or it will remain the same?
    as sturat said, only google knows that best.
    it all depends on the quality of the backlinks + the number of outbound links on those pages

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    One of my sites, a blog, got a PR 3 on the basis (as far as I can see) of a single reciprocal link to a site with related content. The other site's link to me was deep in the content of a page, and my link to it was on my home page.

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    What PR you got Jimmy ?

    My Websites Result

    PR0 ---> PR3 (2 blogs)

    PR0----> PR2 (1 blog, 1 forum)

    I'm happy with results

    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyK View Post
    I have a website with 10 PR 5, and approximately 25 PR4 backlinks. What do you guys think my website's PR would be in next update.

    I have over 10K backlinks from different forums, directories, blogs etc. Also please guide me that if I have some links on HTML PR5 website, what does that mean to Google eyes?

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