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Thread: IBP Reviews

  1. IBP Reviews

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone every used or had experience of Internet Business Promoter?

    I'm interested in buying, but would like any of your experiences first before parting with the cash!


  2. Testing IBP has been on my ToDo list for years. I've seen it get pretty decent reviews from some reputable people. Of course, I've switched from Windows to Linux, so I would have to run it under VMWare or Wine.

    You can download IBP and test it at no cost to see if you like it. There's no need to part with your cash until you know. And even then, they also offer full refunds if you're not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days.
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    I like IPB, I've used it for a few years. (although I haven't opened it up in a few months)
    I would buy it again if I had to, it's a great product IMO
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    This is super easy-to-use software. You won't have any trouble navigating through the various tools.

    It is a great and helpful program, but the tag, "All You Need" is not quite accurate. Just as with Web Position Gold, you'll have to do your keyword research and this might mean using a top keyword research tool like WordTracker.

    IPB doesn't seem to give customized advice for each search engine. If you ask for Top 10 rankings on Google, it just gives you the same critique as it would for other search engines. For example, it tells you to modify your keyword meta tags even though Google doesn't index these tags.

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    I tested it for a while, and i guess its a good tool. The only problem is the price - too expensive for me.

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