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Thread: The importance of branding

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    Question The importance of branding

    I want to write some articles about branding. And I would
    like to get some ideas from this thread.

    For you, how important is "branding" your website, service or product?


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    Branding gives your product or business a voice, or significance. I believe it is vital for a business to create a brand that has a sense of personality, similar to how people have personalities. Many consumers purchase with the brand in mind, since the brand has a proven track record for excellence or quality. The beginning stages would be quite tough to get through, but once you establish a reputation for your brand, people will become aware of it.

    When I think of branding, the first things that come to mind are logos, slogans, business name, stationary, etc.

    PS: I help businesses in my local area with branding and promotional material, so this thread will be quite useful for me, if there is more input shared. - Thank you!

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    The biggest advantage I get from branding is trust. It's hard to know what online businesses can be trusted. Putting out good services under a certain brand name or company helps to build reputation for that name. Then, when it is used again later, people will not only recognize it but will also associate it with quality.

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