Tips n Tricks

Everyone who is beginner or medium webmaster wants to increase hits on their website. But hits got reduced by the lapse of the time and due to the fact that he is not in position to update the contents regularly as compared to Big Website owners or expertz.

This will gradually reduces their Advertisement income also.

I have compiled a set of Tips N Tricks which I have applied on mine webiste also and they increased trafiic to my website.


1. Make your website contents rich and try to have atleast 1 forum connected to it or incorporated into it.

2. Open As many as possible accounts in Different Forums relevant to the subject matter of your website.

3. Post as many as messages in those Forums and site your website as content provider. So visitors who visit the forum will see your website address and 1% of the visitors will visit your website also.

So if you post 10 msgs in a forum and there are 50 such forums and each forum on avg. receive 100 visitors to a msg daily your website will receive more than 100 visitors daily in a week only due to these msgs.

4. Put some rewards up for grab to users or loyality gifts to users who are most active in your website.

5. You can also pay some fees for Affiliates who refer members to your website but its not so powerfull as steps 3 and 4 are.

6. Also you have to update your contents weekly and have a eye on the user activities atleast once in 2-3 days to see the user trends.

7. You can further increase your traffic by monetizing the users for referring their friends to your website.