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Thread: Increase Your web traffic!

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    How to get traffic for your site ?

    Step 1: Make your web site search engine optimized. Your web site should have a content that is rich in keywords which makes it easy for search engines (Google
    , Yahoo) to locate your page. A good ranking on a search engine results page will generate traffic on your web site.

    Step2: Starting a business
    blog on your web site will help in generating traffic to your web site.

    Step3: Article submission is a great way of generating traffic to your web site. You can write keyword rich articles and submit them to various article directories. Use the resource box of the article to add links to your web site to generate traffic to your web site.

    Step4: You can use social networking web sites such as Squidoo and MySpace to generate traffic to your web site.

    Step5: You can request high traffic web site to put the links of your web site on them in exchange of their links on yours.
    You will benefit from the traffic on these web sites.
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    1- optomize mysite at search engines
    2-advertise my sit by mails and at forums
    but the moreimportant things i have to do it
    have an offer at mysite

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    get a seo if you run a forum

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