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Thread: Indexing problem

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    Indexing problem

    I have a site and my pages are getting indexed by google, but when it indexes them it is using the buttons hyperlink menu anchor text as the description instead of the meta description or page text or whatever..

    eg.. in the results it is like:-
    Site name:- site title or page title
    description:- home - about - page1 - page 2 etc...

    Will this correct itself over time? is it part of the indexing process?

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Is Google doing away with use of the meta description?[/ame]
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    Listen to what he says in the video.

    1. Do not use the same description meta tag on every page. It will probably be ignored.
    2. Make sure that the description meta tag is useful and related to the query. That means that the keywords used in the search should appear in the description meta tag.

    You might also want to check the code structure for your pages. Back in the 1990s, Google used to sometimes grab the first block of text it found on a page, which was frequently the menu. Today, it typically looks for a block of text surrounding the keywords used in the search, which could in the page content or in the description meta tag. It is very unusual for Google to display menu text today unless it is having difficulties finding related text on the page.
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