Hello, everyone!

Please allow me to introduce to you to Part 7 of the RunningOnlineBusiness.com Interview Series! In this segment I have interviewed Tom, a highly-skilled logo designer and head of a graphic design company. He discusses his story and an array of valuable tips regarding online business, customer service, and how to make money online. You can read the interview here. As many of you know, I use my blog to teach the public about online business and how to make money online. I have been running it for quite some time now and on August 31st 2009 I began a series of interviews with successful online businessmen. The first interview (Interview with a Top Online Earner) was with Randy Brown, an individual who managed to produce an income in the high six figures! He, and many of the other interviewees, are members of the NetBuilders community, as well.

So, now that a new post is live, I encourage you all to take a moment and check it out! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts. Interested in being interviewed? Shoot me a PM and let me know!