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Thread: Investing into SEO

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    i never pay for my websites until they are active and popular

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    I wouldn't really think about it. If I was that desperate, it would be because my forum wasn't good.

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    I can't see this forum investing to SEO.

    Most of the vBulletin converts have given us their tips and all that. I find the little things they do are better off than MinervaSEO and CommunitySEO. Also, IPB 3.1 will have a lot of built-in SEO features, so I'm really excited for that.

    phpBB and MyBB both have fantastic SEO options as well. Both are free too.

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    Haven't spent a single cent, but a domain would probably be part of SEO, as its a SEO domain.

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    I dont spend much, it depends on how much i earn from the website. Normally i would invest 20% of the revenue from this website in SEO

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