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Thread: Investing into SEO

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    Investing into SEO

    How much money have you spent on SEO on your current site?

    I haven't spent any for AC yet.

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    Re: Investing into SEO

    Well sbfc you sort of are.. Arent you paying some of the staff correct? :tup:

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    Re: Investing into SEO

    That's not SEO, but yes I am.

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    Re: Investing into SEO

    Yes that is SEO :lol2:

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    Re: Investing into SEO

    How is paying staff for the jobs they do search engine optimisation?

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    My biggest SEO expenditure was $300 for a listing in Yahoo directory. I really don't know if it's worth the money.

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    No, I have not yet invested in seo. Ive never really understood doing so. What places would be best for this?

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    Check the last banner in my Signature, i invest 4$ into this promotino system and my forum got 149 visitors in less than 30 mins !

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    I know what SEO means, but not really sure what it MEANS MEANS and how you invest in it :/.

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    After 10 years...I think I can figure it out without paying.....Would not even think of paying Yahoo...never have and have gotten good listings...

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