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    Arrow Johnchow Jackpot.

    I had a simple question and so also something i'd like to reveal.
    Q) Is that was once banned by Google, still banned?(I guess its lifted)
    Q) Does the site still have some kinda penalty by G?
    Q) Can it be considered as a bad neighbourhood, i.e. do dofollow links on it pass link juice.

    I was doing some backlink analysis of some sites and stumbled upon something. which has an alexa rank of 6026, a total of 204,682 domain backlinks, 48,400 indexed pages and PR5 offers sitewide dofollow links to the top commenters.

    Considering the current scenario, if you have above 25 comments, you automatically come on the 'Top Commentators' section which is sitewide, i.e. on all pages of that site, i.e. 48,400 pages( Google indes) and 101,000 pages(Bing Index).

    25 comments is a very small price to pay for this. And yeah, he has tons of PR3-6 pages on his site.

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    Yes was sent into the serp hell and stayed there until recently.
    But I dont think John Chow cared. He was making thousands a month. What could Google offer? A few hits. His success didnt come from Google but from the blogging software and how it links bloggers together.
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