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Thread: Know any Backlink Checkers (free preferably)

  1. Know any Backlink Checkers (free preferably)

    I am trying to find a good tool to check the number of backlinks my blogs have on a regular basis to see how my backlink building is progressing. I did use the SEO Book tool for this but they only use Yahoo and Live.

    When I did google for a tool it cut the list that was quite short. I have tried a few other sites that have it but they do not export the results and I would like to have them so I can recall past history for trends and progression allowing me to improve my tactics for future projects.

    I installed the Google analytics on the site, but I did not see the option on there for checking back links either.

    Does anyone know the best tool to meet my requirements?
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    Can't help there mate; but maybe some other useful members can contribute o this topic.....would be helpful for me too

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