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    Here I will discuss some lesser known but creative link building tips:

    Submit your sites to award sites- For example you can submit your site on some site, in the best grunge design category. Not only will you get traffic but there is a high chance of getting a good PR link back.

    In addition to this, you can give awards. So people will put the badge on their site and you will get link backs.

    Write something stupid- People love linking to stupid stuff and make fun of people. The same can be said for controversial stuff.

    Link Love- Very few bloggers do some link back. By doing so you can get link love back too.

    Q and A sites- You must use sites like Yahoo Answers. Not only do you get link backs but also a decent 10-15 visits per answer on an average. (Answer questions in your niche and leave your site as the source = Targeted traffic)

    Trade website/product reviews.

    People are CRAZY after .edu links. If your university has a site, you can manage to get a very powerful link back.

    I have mentioned a lot about gallery sites and their crazy power of sending traffic. So i won't talk about it in this thread.

    Write list posts or how-to's- These posts get linked to a lot.

    Interview someone big- I did this on The Dollar Diary and got a permanent link back from Michael Dunlop's blog. I get around 10 visits per day from that page, that too targeted and also a strong link back.

    I took time to write this, hope you liked it! Any you would like to add?

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    i'm love your tips about making controversial stuff. Some of blogger in my country is already doing this strategy. But since 2 years ago, the freedom of writing become limited because my government make a law of press.
    So, people will think two times in making controversy in their blog.

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    Excellent post Farrhad. I know as a matter of fact that people don't give enough link love and many of them adopt link gready attitude. They don't understand the great benefits behind this method.

    I'm in the proccess of writing a special chronicle for the SEO section of the forums. Many of the methods you listed will be covered.

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    Really great post, Farrhad. I never knew all these methods :P. I guess I'll try them. By the way, I tweeted about this post so that others can benefit from it
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