Link baiting is an effective link building tactic. The primary goal is to obtain as many relevant inbound links to your site as possible. Although link baiting is somewhat of a gray area, this goal is often achieved by presenting and marketing your site in a manner that captures or baits someones attention enough that they are motivated to link to it.

A few examples of link baiting:

Informational - Provide content a reader will find useful. People dont care what you are selling unless it is somehow relevant or beneficial to them.

Content will usually present a means of eliciting an emotional response such as that derived through humor, anger, etc.

Article writing and submission would fall under this category.

Jokes - Be it audial or visual, people like to laugh. Humor sites tend to draw people's attentions and earn you links.

Note: Optimal results achieved for originality.

Tools - will typically fill a niche market that provides either new functionality or functionality that is superior to any utility that is currently available. For example:

Write a script and post it on a website. If it's useful people will link to the site.

News - Become your own original news service. Challenge todays media with interesting substantiated facts in a refreshingly enticing manner.

If it's an election or inauguration year, scrutiny tends to run rampant, so there should be no shortage of ideas.

Attacks - Although ad hominem attacks tend to be bad form and could potentially get you sued, they can be an excellent link baiting tactic and will possibly garner your site quite a bit of attention. It may be a tad more useful to attack an idea.

Please feel free to add to the list....