A lot of people have been talking recently about parasitic hosting on "web 2.0" sites like Squidoo and Hubpages and such.

But what about building a huge link network for your sites on a large number of free web hosts?

Free Webhosts lists 265 different free web hosting services.

That's means that your site could gain backlinks from 265 different domains. That should improve your rankings quite well!

Of course, you would still have to build links to your pages on all of those 265 web hosts -- and that's no easy task.

But it is a doable task.

I did some of this a few years ago, but I didn't do it well and I didn't measure the results at all.

I think that I'm about to kick off a major effort in this area. It will require a lot of content (at least one page per host) and it will require a large amount of time to register with these free web hosts and set up pages on their systems. I remember this process being quite labor intensive.

What do you think?